About Us 

At WITHIN Meditation, we give you the space, techniques and community to start and grow your mindfulness practice.  Apps are great for helping you create a daily meditation practice, but we’ve found there’s something truly special about sitting in a room with other people, opening to the present moment and to each other.   We believe in the power of bringing people together to deepen the experience of meditation, and the amazing connections we make with each other from that deeper place.

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Hannah Knapp

Hannah has been meditating since 2012, when she dove in head-first with a 10-day Vipassana retreat.  Coming out of that experience, she knew she needed a community to practice with: there was just nothing like meditating with other people.  She joined the Zen-inspired Infinite Smile Sangha, where you can still find her on Monday nights.  Through mindfulness, she’s developed a deep resilience, focus, and capacity to love that she draws on every day, both as the mom of two toddlers and as a start-up founder.  Her passion for sharing the power of mindfulness has led her to launch (and lead) group meditations wherever she’s worked, and fuels her involvement in InnerSpace, which she co-founded in 2014.  She’s delighted to be leading WITHIN’s meditation sessions, and partnering with Megan to bring mindfulness to the masses.

Megan Parker

Megan found her way to the magic of meditation through her love of yoga. Yoga saved her life, but meditation truly changed it.  As she transitioned out of her fast-paced tech job, moved from West Coast to East Coast and back again, she began turning to a silent meditation practice.  Her anxiety was  too much to handle, and she was finding herself unfulfilled in most areas of her life.  Suddenly she was asking herself, "How did I get here?"  Self care, personal development and overall wellbeing became her top priority.  She learned to foster a meditation practice that brings her deep gratitude, joy and ownership over her life. Now, she's passionate about bringing a greater sense of wellbeing and belonging to the communities she's a part of.  She's the first person to greet you at WITHIN and the last to leave.  Come say hello!