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start meditating & stick with it

Looking for help with meditation?

At WITHIN, you’ll find the space and guidance you need to start and grow your meditation practice. 



 When you meditate with other people, you’re much more likely to stick with it. You’ll get the support and accountability you need to start meditating, and keep going.

Join us for a class and see for yourself.


When you meditate, you’re taking a big step towards lowering your stress levels, reducing your anxiety, and just plain enjoying life more.


Drop-In Rates

$20 — Single Class
$149 — 9 Class Package

New Student Specials

$10 — First Class In the Studio
$99 — First Month Unlimited

And there’s nothing like meditating in a supportive group to help you start your meditation practice, and keep it up.

WITHIN Memberships

$129 — Unlimited Classes & Livestreams Membership
$109 — Unlimited Studio Classes Membership
$59 — Once-A-Week Membership (4 Classes/Month)


our teachers

When you sit with us, we’ll help you really get what meditation is, and how to do it. Guided meditation and open Q&A are a part of every class at our studio.



Start meditating, and stick with it! Join us for #MindfulStart, a 5-week meditation course designed to help you launch your meditation practice, and keep it going.

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Take the first steps towards managing your stress and creating calm with our 28-day online meditation challenge.

bring meditation to your office


Focus. Clarity. Ease. These may not be words you associate with your workday right now, but they could be. With the help of mindfulness and meditation , you and your coworkers can work smarter and feel better. Let us show you how. 



In the midst of all the chaos of your daily life, meditation can be a life-saver. If you've already discovered the power of mindfulness meditation, retreats are a perfect way to take your practice to the next level.

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