Hannah has been meditating since 2012, when she dove in head-first with a 10-day Vipassana retreat.  Coming out of that experience, she knew she needed a community to practice with: there was just nothing like meditating with other people.  She joined the Zen-inspired Infinite Smile Sangha, where you can still find her on many Monday nights.  Through mindfulness, she’s developed a deep resilience, focus, and capacity to love that she draws on every day, both as the mom of two toddlers and as a start-up founder.  Her passion for sharing the power of mindfulness has led her to launch (and lead) group meditations wherever she’s worked, and fueled her involvement in InnerSpace, which she co-founded in 2014.  As a wellness coach, she integrates mindfulness with positive psychology and nutrition to help her clients meet their health goals and develop the inner resilience they need to embrace life's challenges. She’s delighted to be leading meditation sessions in the studio and in offices throughout the bay area, while building an amazing team of teachers at WITHIN.


Megan found her way to the magic of meditation through her love of yoga.  Yoga saved her life, but meditation truly changed it.  As she transitioned out of her fast-paced tech job, moved from West Coast to East Coast and back again, she began turning to a silent meditation practice.  Her anxiety was too much to handle, and she was finding herself unfulfilled in most areas of her life.  Suddenly she was asking herself, "How did I get here?"  Self care, personal development and overall well-being became her top priority.  She learned to foster a meditation practice that brings her deep gratitude, joy and ownership over her life. Now, she's passionate about bringing a greater sense of well-being and belonging to the communities she's a part of.


Our Teachers


Nathan Maton

Nathan Maton is a long time community builder in tech, a nonviolent practitioner, infrequent yoga instructor and meditation teacher. He started meditation as the "lab session" to accompany a class on nonviolence back in 2005. He believes meditation is equal parts about developing awareness and learning to cultivate joy. He's an outdoor enthusiast, rock climber, long distance biker and you can often find him gardening or walking amongst our glorious California Redwood trees. He also likes inventing words to make people laugh, and while not yet a parent, often gets mistaken for one due to his imperfect sense of humor.


Briana Menendez

Briana is an Integrative Nutritionist, Health Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Founder of Urban Wellness SF, LLC. She has a passion for helping high-achieving, busy professionals implement positive nutrition and behavior modifications so that they can achieve their goals, thrive in their current career demands, and design a life they envision. In her coaching she uses mindfulness and meditation as powerful tools to help clients cultivate awareness, fulfillment, and joy and to combat stress, anxiety, and burnout. Briana has been meditating since 2012 and has deep appreciation for the sense of gratitude and overall wellbeing it has fostered in her life.


Natasha Durel

Natasha is a Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master. She introduces different modalities into her practice such as productivity strategizing and reframing thoughts. She challenges her students to bring the same presence and impact that meditation creates beyond the classroom by showing up for each aspect of life in the same way. Outside of the classroom, Natasha works closely with clients in a 1:1 setting and dives deep into how they can take their unique dreams and visions to create a difference in this world. Her passions are travel, teaching and storytelling.


Landra Eliopoulos

Landra began her meditation journey through the practice of yoga. Admittedly the discipline of sitting still, going inward and being present with her breath was a foreign concept. However, something magical would happen in the process, leaving her with an increased level of calm and ease, that she didn’t arrive with. Craving a deeper level of meditation and mindfulness practices led her to complete a 200-hour mindfulness & meditation training with Jill Satterfield. Over time, the practice has created balance and connection with the innate intelligence of her physical body.

Landra is passionate about integrating mindfulness & meditation practices into workplace people development. Landra is the founder of Integrate and Flow (http://integrateandflow.com/), offering a variety of personal growth coaching and mindfulness experiences. In addition, Landra has 15+ years of HR and leadership coaching experience and is the founder of Mindful HR (http://www.mindfulhr.com/).


Koren Kiener

Koren is a San Francisco-based yoga and meditation instructor, as well as a graphic designer. Her first exposure to meditation began in 2015 under the training of Jill Satterfield.

Throughout her journey, Koren has continued her learning and used her existing knowledge to share with others, whether through her meditation-infused yoga classes, mindfulness-based workshops, or semi-silent yoga and meditation retreats.

She encourages students to honor the present moment and remain connected and curious about their introspective experiences. Koren guides from a place to serve practitioners in a modern world, and interweaves guidance that is relevant to peoples’ daily needs. She believes that meditation can be an instrument for everyone to attain greater creativity, peace, clarity and overall happiness for our wellbeing.



Devon Pipars

A seeker of Truth and a meditator for 15 years, Devon spent the past few years (2013-2017) in constant study and practice of Advaita (non-duality) philosophy and meditation. Sitting at the feet of a Realized Master in the Himalayas of northern India, she had the rare opportunity and time to ask questions, challenge every single belief she had, and investigate thoroughly not only the nature of consciousness but also the key to living free of suffering.

Simply put, whatever level you are at, she can assist you to go deeper. For beginners, she offers several approaches to meditation, as well as tools form when you're encountering challenges meditating. For those established in their practice, she offers a deepening and maturing of that state of presence which is constantly available even while not meditating, through the examination of what meditation really is and why we need to do it.

Nkechi Njaka.jpg

Nkechi Njaka

Nkechi has spent the majority of her life investigating the relationship between the brain and the body and has always felt the significance of their integration. For several years, Nkechi worked as a neuroscientist as well as a professional modern dancer and choreographer. Through this work, she discovered that mindfulness and creativity are crucial for sustaining individual and global well-being. She’s the founder and creative director of creative agency, NDN Lifestyle Studio, as well as the co-founder of Sitting Matters.


Adam Moskowitz

Adam has been an educator for eleven years, and developed a school-wide mindfulness program at a middle school in San Lorenzo, California. Adam leads mindfulness-based trainings, practice sessions, and retreats for teachers, counselors, principals, parents and other members of the school community. Adam teaches mindfulness classes in downtown San Francisco, and stress reduction courses in the East Bay. He is a certified Mindful Schools instructor, and is a Qualified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) instructor. It is Adam’s pure enjoyment to engage kids and adults to connect within, and experience our innate quality of wakefulness.


Lida Tohidi

Lida has cumulatively spent months in silence at mindfulness meditation retreats over the last 5+ years. Lida completed an 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program in 2013, and the Family/Peer Support Specialist Webinar Training in 2018 (through NAMI, which consists of 70+ hours training). Outside of the classroom, Lida speaks about, and teaches, mindfulness on a 1:1 basis and with corporate clients. She also hosts a mastermind of mindful individuals who are building momentum and creating a positive difference in the world. She has also lived and worked on all continents (though still awaiting an invitation from Antarctica :D), and speaks 3 languages well (and another 3 poorly).


Renée Colby

Renee would describe herself as a Mystic…seeker of Truth..which she was doing for many years before actually being introduced to Mindfulness, Buddhism, Yoga and Meditation in 2004. Through dedicated practice and study both stateside, as well as abroad, with master teachers, swamis, gurus and yogis, her 2nd career evolved into a full time Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation teacher helping others to find peace, happiness and freedom.

Realizing that we all have the same essence that can be accessed through self-study and inquiry, she offers ways for others to become aware of the true nature of who they are and become empowered in their own lives. The end result is a life of peace, liberation and true love.


Jennie Yang

Jennie was first introduced to meditation and mindfulness in 2001 at the age of 15, beginning her practice in a meditation class offered by her high school. In 2017 in Northern Thailand, she deepened her practice under the guidance of Teaching Monk Phra Pawithai. Certified as a Master Practitioner of Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tNLP), Jennie runs her own coaching business to serve leaders who have a wholehearted desire to experience a life well lived. By integrating meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and tNLP, she helps her clients shift their inner experience and discover their joy of being.


Ani Bular

Ani studied and practiced Buddhist meditation at Tushita meditation center, Dharamshala. She has attended many silent meditation retreats over the past 6 years, including a 2-month silent meditation retreat in India. She has a gentle approach, and an understanding of common challenges beginning meditators experience.

Ani has created the Meditation & Feeling Good workshop, a way to feel lighter, calmer and happier. She previously taught in Berlin, Germany and Brienz, Switzerland.

Chris Smith.jpg

Chris Smith

Chris is the co-founder of JunoVR, a company using the power of virtual reality to help people with anxiety and pain. He's built guided meditation experiences for virtual reality and spent 500+ hours in meditation in the past year. He's passionate about how we can use human connection and technology to guide people to a deeper sense of connectedness and well-being.


Hannah Knapp

As the cofounder of WITHIN Meditation, Hannah loves teaching busy professionals simple, effective mindfulness practices to ease their stress, develop their focus, and create more clarity in their lives. She spent 8 years as head of PeopleOps with a tech startup, seeing the company through many transitions. During that time, she developed a deep passion for building great company culture, which she continues in her role as Head of Operations for the nonprofit Leaders in Tech.

As a wellness mentor, she integrates mindfulness with positive psychology and nutrition to help her clients meet their health goals and develop the inner resilience they need to embrace life's challenges. The mother of two young children, she finds that mindfulness and meditation are a lifeline for being the kind of parent, teacher, and entrepreneur she wants to be.


Sará King

Dr. Sará King is an avid lover of yoga and mindfulness meditation and has been a student of Therevada Buddhism in the insight tradition for over 13 years. She recently earned her Ph.D. in Education at U.C.L.A. with a concentration in Anthropology and Neuroscience. Her dissertation research was the first at UCLA’s department of education to examine a yoga and meditation intervention in the context of an urban classroom.

In her dissertation research, she discussed how students use interpersonal relationships and harness their internal resilience to find well-being though these practices. She continued her scientific training regarding the connection between contemplative practices and education with the Mind and Life Institute, the Dalia Lama’s research institution.

She most recently completed a year long training in Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation through Spirit Rock in Marin, CA and continues to developed mindfulness curricula for elementary schools, university classrooms, and organizations supporting work in social justice.