A Different Kind of New Year

#mindfulstart jan 22.png

It’s natural this time of year to assess what we did and learned in the past 12 months. Often, we experience a sense of dissatisfaction: we didn’t go as far as we thought we would, do as much as we thought we should, finish or start something important to us.

What if you could look back next year, at the end of 2018, and instead experience a sense of joy and wholeness?

One of the best ways to set yourself up for success in the new year is to consciously choose how you want to begin.  Every morning, in our classes at the studio, we set intentions for the day ahead. Students are often surprised by just how having clarity in the morning affects how their day unfolds. There’s something deeply powerful about getting still, setting intentions, and taking action rooted in that stillness and intentionality.

This January, you could double down on time at the gym or on a new diet, like you’ve done before. Or, you could consciously create the circumstances for the life you want to have by doubling down on mindfulness.  Cultivating mindfulness through meditation helps you see how you’re stopping yourself from making the changes you want in your life, and gives you tools for getting out of your own way. Add to that a community of people who are likewise uncovering what’s within, and you’ve got a recipe for a totally different kind of New Year: one full of discovery, clarity, and heart.

That’s exactly what we’re offering you this January with #MindfulStart. Join the #MindfulStart community and commit to as much group meditation practice as you want for four weeks beginning January 22, 2018. Not only will you benefit from the support, guidance, and insight of our teachers each time you sit with us, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where the whole #MindfulStart community will share successes, challenges, and inspiration.

Will you accept the challenge to begin 2018 with a #MindfulStart?  We’ll be right there with you.

Hannah Knapp