A More Easeful Attitude


One of the most common and immediate effects of practicing meditation is a growing sense of well-being.  Your general attitude in life shifts out of a stressful, reactionary place, and into a calmer, more responsive place.  Of course, you still have plenty of stress going on in your life, and moments of reactivity; but overall, the place you keep returning to is more relaxed and open.

It’s like starting to cook with a nonstick pan, when you used to cook with cast iron or aluminum.  It’s not that you don’t still burn the food sometimes - you absolutely do! - but when it’s time to clean up the pan, it’s so much easier and faster.

As you develop your own nonstick coating through practicing meditation, you can engage more and more fully in your life, trusting that you’ll be able to clean up any messes you encounter. Whatever happens just doesn’t stick the way it used to.

Reinvigorate or start your meditation practice with us this week and start cooking!

Hannah Knapp