Seeing Your Patterns

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When we get really good at something, we tend to keep on doing it, whether or not it serves us. The patterns of behavior that allowed us to survive middle school keep showing up long after we’ve left the classroom behind. We fall back on the tactics that made us successful in our first job, even when we’ve moved beyond entry-level positions.

Metaphorically speaking, we use a raft to cross the river, but then keep carrying the raft on our heads, not realizing that it’s no longer useful - and, in fact, is weighing us down.

So how do you know when a way you have of being in the world isn’t serving you anymore?One thing that can help is noticing your recurring thoughts. What thoughts cross your mind every day?  What are the top ten greatest hits that you have on replay?

Mindfulness meditation gives you the opportunity to notice the chatter in your mind, without judging it. As you notice it, you gradually get more and more clear on the thought patterns that are driving your actions all day, every day. You can then spot those patterns, even when you aren’t meditating, and ask yourself, “Does thinking this way help me in what I really want, now?”

Our morning classes include meditation and setting intentions for the day ahead, helping you disrupt your usual patterns of behavior. Sit with us this week, and experience this for yourself. We’ll be right there with you.

Hannah Knapp