Grow With Us: The Next Era at WITHIN


Over the past month, we’ve launched a new era at WITHIN.

We left the studio space we called home for the first six months, Moksha Life Center. We experimented with holding our classes inside of The Vault, a beautiful coworking space in Jackson Square. We established a relationship with Andrea, the owner of Satori Yoga; held our first midday meditation classes there; and moved our morning classes there as well. And, we made plans for our first evening classes, in partnership with WeWork Montgomery Station.

In the midst of all of this, we held more workshops and guided meditation sessions inside of offices in San Francisco than ever before in the nine months since we began offering mindfulness and meditation in the workplace.

Frankly, we’re a bit breathless from all this activity - and eager to connect 1:1 with you. We’re so glad that #MindfulStart begins next Monday. This four-week meditation challenge is an invitation from us to you, our students and fans, to join us at the studio as this new era unfolds. We can’t think of a better way to have you grow with us than by saying “yes!” to this challenge.

We’ve designed the #MindfulStart meditation challenge to help you create and sustain a meaningful meditation practice. Here’s how it works:

  • Meditate at your own pace: You’ll decide how often you want to meditate with us in our studio at 110 Sutter St in downtown San Francisco: once a week, every day, or anything in-between. Committing to a particular class on a regular basis will help you keep your meditation habit going.
  • Enjoy guided intentions: Each time you come to the studio, our teachers will guide you in mindfulness meditation, based on that week’s theme. You’ll not only practice meditation techniques, but also practice shifting your thoughts into more positive (and less anxious) directions. You’ll develop your ability to notice, embrace, and cultivate awareness, love, gratitude, and abundance over the course of the four weeks.
  • Receive daily inspiration & build community: Every day, we’ll post ideas for practicing mindfulness in your daily life, and deepening your meditation practice, in the private Facebook group we’ve created exclusively for #MindfulStart participants. You’ll also get virtual support from the other people doing the challenge with you, and cheer them on.
  • Be curious: As you go through the month, you’re bound to come up with questions. That’s why we created this challenge anchored in time in our studio. Whenever you have a class, you have the opportunity to ask the teacher about what you’re noticing, and get their insights.

We created WITHIN to help people like you launch and sustain meaningful meditation practices. Join us for #MindfulStart and see for yourself how developing your meditation practice in community with other people, guided by teachers, can be truly life-changing. We’ll be right there with you.

Hannah Knapp