Top 5 Questions About #MindfulStart


At WITHIN, we love helping people start and grow their meditation practices. Pretty much everyone who walks through the doors of our studio is looking for a way to live life with more ease, and less stress. Meditation can help with that - and, it can be tough to get started on your own or with an app.

Starting January 21st, we're holding a four-week meditation challenge, #MindfulStart, to give you that extra nudge and support to start (or restart!) your meditation practice, and stick with it. To participate, you just set a goal for yourself: you commit to coming to classes at WITHIN, and practice on your own, between January 21st and February 15th. Our teachers and your fellow WITHIN students offer support and guidance throughout the four weeks to help you meet your goal. It's super simple, and very powerful.

So, you're curious about doing our #MindfulStart Meditation Challenge, but you've got questions. How do you know if doing the challenge is for you? We've been getting lots of questions from people like you who are thinking about diving in. Here are our top 5:

Question #1: Can do the challenge even if I've never taken a class at WITHIN before?

Yes! The #MindfulStart Challenge is the perfect time to try out meditating with us. In fact, half the people who did this challenge with us last year had never set foot in the studio before they signed up.

Question #2: What's the real time commitment? I've got a demanding job and a full calendar.

You get to choose how much time you want to invest in the challenge. You'll start by selecting a class package: once a week, twice a week, or more. Then, you'll set a personal goal for how often you want to meditate between classes, on your own. We'll help you choose a goal that is achievable, and at the same time really builds your meditation muscle.

Question #3: How far in advance do I need to choose my classes? My schedule changes all the time.

All of our classes can be booked online up to 15 minutes beforehand, and you can always walk in and register on the spot. So when that 11am meeting gets canceled at 10:45, you can sign up for our 11:30am Midday Meditation, no sweat.

Question #4: What are the other people in #MindfulStart like? Are they already serious meditators? Because, honestly, I'm not!

Everyone who does #MindfulStart works or lives downtown, because our studio is in the heart of the Financial District. That means they're busy, smart, and capable - and they know the power of setting goals. Most people are "meditation-curious": they've heard that meditation can help them manage the stress in their lives, or increase their sense of well-being. They either haven't tried it yet, or have tried on their own and haven't been able to make it stick. The challenge is appealing to them because it gives them the structure, support, and accountability that will help them build their meditation practice. 

Question #5: I tend to jump into things, and then not finish them. How can I be sure I'll make it through the four weeks?

The best part about doing this challenge is the accountability and inspiration we give you to keep you on-track. When you decide how often you're coming to class, and set your goals for the challenge, we'll hold you accountable to sticking with it. We'll track when you do and don't come to class, give you virtual check-ins,  and send you daily inspiration in your inbox. And, of course, you'll be able to check in with a teacher about how you're doing whenever you come to class.

We're so glad you're curious about #MindfulStart. There's just nothing like a challenge to help you start (or restart!) your meditation practice, and stick with it. Learn more about how the challenge works, and sign up, right here.