Take the first steps towards managing your stress and creating calm with our 4-week meditation challenge.

Here's how the 28-Day Meditation Challenge works:

  • You join the challenge for $28. All it takes is a dollar a day, and you're invested in completing the entire four weeks.

  • You set a goal for yourself for how often and how long you want to meditate during the four weeks of the challenge.

  • We help you track your progress throughout the four weeks, cheering you on every step of the way and giving you the accountability you need to stick with it.

To help you build your meditation muscle, we're including these extra mindful bonuses:

  • Daily inspiration from WITHIN in your inbox each day of the challenge, offering ideas, support and encouragement for your meditation and mindfulness practice.

  • Access to guided meditations by WITHIN teachers that you can listen to anywhere, to sprinkle into your daily meditation practice, or use as the foundation for it.

  • Access to livestreamed classes at our studio throughout the 28 days.

  • A "you did it!" prize when you complete the four-week challenge.

We know it can be hard to take a chance on something new. If you join the 28-Day Meditation Challenge, and decide any time during the first week that it's not for you, we'll give you a full refund of the $28 you invested in yourself.

28-Day Meditation Challenge FAQs

Can I start and stop during the challenge?

It takes 28 days (in a row!) to start a habit. If we let you start and stop during the four weeks, it would defeat the whole purpose of doing the challenge! Once you set your goals, the challenge begins, and you're on that train for the next 28 days.

I tend to jump into things, and then not finish them. How can I be sure I'll make it through the four weeks?

The best part about doing this challenge is the accountability and inspiration we give you to keep you on-track. When you set your goals for the challenge, we'll hold you accountable to sticking with it. We'll give you virtual check-ins via email, and send you daily inspiration in your inbox.

What happens if I sign up, and then realize it's not right for me? Do you give refunds?
We want you to feel totally comfortable dipping your toes into the meditation waters with us. If you join the 28-Day Meditation Challenge, and decide any time between setting your goals, and completing your first week, that it's not for you, we'll give you a full refund of the $28 you invested in yourself. 

I have other questions!
Great! Just email us at sit@withinmeditation.com and we'll answer right away.