Every day, we help people just like you and your coworkers learn how to practice meditation. Our teachers come from tech and corporate backgrounds themselves. We all know first hand why it's become the go-to solution for stress and anxiety in the workplace. 

Our Experience: What You Can Expect

We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to understand what meditation is, and how it can help them live and work better, no matter what background they come from or what role they have. When we come to your office, you can expect a friendly, professional teacher who knows how to talk about mindfulness and meditation in a way that speaks to your people.

Our Offerings: What We Do

  • Guided Meditation Sessions

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Introductory Workshops

  • Studio Meditation Class Buy-Outs & Group Rates

  • Mental Health Awareness Month Events

  • Offsites & Corporate Retreats

We shape every engagement to make the best match between what you need, and what we do. Let's start with a conversation about what you're looking for, and how we can help. Email workplace@withinmeditation.com to get the ball rolling!

We've built relationships with many companies in the Bay Area, providing workshops and ongoing meditation sessions that have a real impact on employees' sense of well-being, and strengthen company culture. Here's what they're saying about bringing WITHIN to their workplaces.

It’s definitely one of the most popular exercise / mindfulness activities we offer at Plaid! Plaids are so at ease after walking out of a meditation session with Hannah. I myself come out super relaxed and ready to jump back into my work.
— Jennica B., Recruiting Coordinator, Plaid

Would you recommend that other companies bring meditation to their offices?

"Absolutely. It gives employees the opportunity to have a space to clear their mind. By having a guided meditation session, it encourages those who haven't had it before to give it a try. It also helps relieve stress. I know for some, there comes a point in the work day where people need that mental break to recharge."

What do you like best about offering the 30-meditation sessions we do every other week?

"It’s interesting to see the impact of meditation has on people in the office who don't meditate regularly. Those people realize the positive impact it has and want to continue to practice, whether it's at the office or in their own home. It's also a perk we offer because we truly care about the well-being of our team at Plaid!"


What a fun and relaxing team building activity! Everyone had nothing but extremely positive things to say about the experience and we’re all looking forward to our next class.
— Austen D., Account Executive, InkHouse

We’ve gotten feedback that attendees appreciate the time to relax, breathe, and focus, and they return to work with clearer minds and increased energy and enthusiasm.
— Season H., SEO Specialist, Atlassian

What do you like best about offering the guided meditation sessions we do every week?

"Hannah guides us through a 20-minute mindfulness meditation that is relaxing and realistic. Her sessions are especially valuable in allowing time for questions and reflections at the end."

Why did you decide to start offering weekly guided meditation sessions led by WITHIN in your office?

"Atlassian values employees' health and well-being, with meditation groups at most of our global offices. We have an informal, employee-led meditation group at Atlassian's San Francisco office and wanted to add longer, guided sessions with an experienced meditator. WITHIN Meditation is an excellent addition to existing groups, or a beginner-friendly introduction to meditation for companies expanding their wellness offerings."


We began our WITHIN meditation sessions in early 2018 and, based on its success and demand by employees, we increased our sessions. Our team looks forward to the weekly guided meditation, which allows them to reduce workplace stress, improve concentration and increase focus. The sessions definitely help release stress and make us feel relaxed after each one.
— Kam R., Sr HR Generalist, Medicines360

The unexpected benefit of these meditation sessions was the sense of community and camaraderie which naturally blossomed within the group of those who attended.... not as co-workers or employees, but as human beings connected through the experience of mindful meditation. The human community.
— Cecily J., Workplace Experience Coordinator, Redbubble

Why did you decide to bring WITHIN to your office?

"We wanted to bring the concept of mindfulness into the office, but weren't sure what type of meditation would be most beneficial to a broad scope of people (with different levels of familiarity with meditation). Hannah at WITHIN put us at ease with her proposal to offer an Intro to Meditation presentation (which included leading everyone in a simple 10 minute mediation). This intro class was the perfect segue to a month-long series of 30-minute weekly guided meditation sessions. Her presentation was accessible, easy to understand, filled with a balance of scientific facts and warm-hearted guidance."

What did you like best about the series of guided meditation sessions that followed the initial workshop we did?

"We went into the program with the intent of enriching lives on an individual level, promoting an individual sense of well-being and balance, but we discovered that a natural sense of communal connection was created. The sense of peace was palpable throughout the office in the hours following the sessions. Many people felt drawn to commit to a regular practice after the company sponsored sessions had ended. It was so beneficial to our people that we are hoping to schedule another series in the near future. Thank you, Hannah!"


Want to bring meditation to your company, but you're not the decider? Connect us with your head of HR, wellness team, or manager. When they engage us to bring meditation to your workplace, we'll give you a big hug - and a month of unlimited classes in our studio. Let's make it happen!

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