Off and Running


The whirl of September is palpable. The last-ditch efforts for companies to hit their annual goals. The first-ditch efforts for students embarking on new programs. The multi-ditch efforts for all of us to do what we said we’d do at the beginning of the year, before 2017 is over.

As we engage with the purposeful energy, the driven energy sneaks in: we can easily get caught up in do-do-do just for the sake of doing. Meditation is an antidote to that compulsiveness. When we pause and look inward, even for just a few minutes, we recognize our driven behavior for what it is: just a result of the habitual chatter of our minds. We can then reengage with what’s truly important, underneath the frenzy.

Join us at the studio this week and remind yourself why you’re doing all the doing. Reconnect with what’s deeper, connect with others who are doing the same, and launch into your day with more purpose and presence. We’ll be right there with you.

Hannah Knapp