Get In the Mood

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It’s amazing how many factors there are in shaping how you’re feeling. The food you eat, the people you interact with, whether the train was late or the traffic was light. Pretty much everything you come into contact with has the potential to lighten - or darken - your mood.

What if you could consistently steer your mood in a positive direction? What if you could find a new set point for your daily attitude that was more up and at ease, and less down and anxious?

Meditation has the potential to do exactly that. Mindfulness meditation, practiced over time, gradually decreases the activity in the part of your brain responsible for fight-flight-freeze reactions, and increases activity in your pre-frontal cortex. That means you gradually become less susceptible to triggers that used to send you into a tailspin of anxiety or anger.

That’s why we started WITHIN: to help you establish your own mindfulness meditation practice, and give you the tools you need to face the inevitable stress of life with a more easeful attitude.

Sit with us this week and get into a new groove. We’ll be right there with you.

Hannah Knapp