Meditation Is Knowing Your True Self : An Interview with Devon Pipars


We sat down with WITHIN teacher Devon Pipars to find out how she got started meditating, and get her thoughts on why it’s a practice worth cultivating. Here’s what she shared with us.

When did you start meditating? 

I was 22 years old when I started. I left Canada to do my Master’s degree in the U.S. and the Dean of my school actually offered to teach anyone interested how to meditate.  I thank him often!

Do you think there’s a right age to begin? 

No - it seems more like when you need it, it wilI appear.  I had first tried on my own at 19, but found that every time I tried to sit my mind would panic and make me feel very uncomfortable…I would jump up convinced it was more important to clean the windows in that moment!

What attracted you to meditation? 

I was a fairly anxious person.  However, I discovered that while lying in Savasana after my yoga practice my mind was totally still and I really, really liked it and wondered what that was and how I could have more of it. 

What benefits do you feel you get from meditating? 

A sustained and natural sense of ease and flow.  A sense of trust and fearlessness. A deep fulfillment that is not dependent on anything.

Who has been your greatest influence?

My Guruji in India.  I had 4 years with him, and what he revealed completely transformed me.

What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced in your practice?

My own impatience and lack of discipline.  Thinking that I didn’t need to maintain a daily practice.   

If there were one myth about meditation you could clear up, what would it be? 

That anyone could ever be bad at meditating. You’re just judging yourself because thoughts are still appearing and you think that is wrong for some reason - but thoughts can still show up, and it doesn’t mean meditation isn’t happening. Meditation is just becoming aware of consciousness and everything arising in it, without getting involved. 

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice regarding meditation, what would it be?

Anything you think meditation is…it’s not that!  When you close the eyes to meditate, you’re actually knowing your true Self. 

Do you think you need to meditate in order to be spiritual? 

Interesting question.  No, because you can be a deeply spiritually connected being already.  Meditation will just illuminate WHY you feel that Oneness.  It will also answer that little question “Who am I?”  So I would say meditation is just going deeper for those already spiritual beings. 

What advice would you give a brand new meditator?

Don’t give up…keep sitting.  It quickly gets easier, and it will greatly benefit your well-being and improve your life in ways you can’t ever imagine. 

Devon teaches our afternoon & evening classes on Mondays & Tuesdays, and leads our #MindfulStart Meditation Course. She has a passion for helping students deepen their practice, whether you're just starting out or have years of experience. Join her for a class this week, or get a taste of her guidance virtually through WITHIN's channel on the Aura Health app.