One Student's Reasons for Meditating at WITHIN

Photo by  frank mckenna  on  Unsplash

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

We each have our own reasons for picking up meditation. For some of us, it's aspirational - there's something we admire about people who meditate, their calm or integrity or sense of ease, and we want to be like them. For many of us, it's a desire to shift something in our lives: decrease stress or cope better with anxiety. But whatever the reason, it's deeply personal.

One of the gifts of running a meditation studio is that coming here is so very personal for the people who show up. For each individual who walks through our doors, there's a unique story about the path that led them there. We asked one of our regular students if she would be willing to share why she comes to WITHIN, as inspiration for people who may not have tried it yet. Here's what she said: 

WITHIN: What made you decide to sit with us at WITHIN?

A.W.: I started coming to WITHIN Meditation at a time of huge career stress and conflict in my life. I started to see the benefits of meditation within two sessions.

WITHIN: You've been sitting with us at WITHIN for six months now. What's kept you coming into the studio for classes since those first few sessions?

A.W.:Teaching myself to take an essential step in slowing down and truly understanding focus was the path to wellness that I needed in order to heal my inner chaos. Without Hannah and Megan and WITHIN Meditation, I don't think I would have made it through the end of the year.

We hear from students every day how meditation is helping them cope with stress and anxiety. A.W.'s story is her own, but every student we see has a compelling reason why they're making meditation a priority. Taking a class ensures they make the space in their schedule to meditate, and that they get the support they're looking for, from their teachers and the rest of the community they meet there. Join us in class and see for yourself!