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Your "Why" Will Make or Break Your Meditation Practice

If you know why you want to meditate, you’re infinitely more likely to actually stick with it. And, conversely, if you don’t know why - if you’re just starting because it seems like a good idea, or your friend did it, or your boss told you to - you’re more or less destined to struggle, forget, and stop meditating. Here’s how you can get clear on your why, and get that meditation practice started for real.

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How to Tell If You're Ready for a Meditation Retreat

If you've been meditating for even a short time, you've probably heard whisperings about meditation retreats. Anyone who's been on one will tell you, "Just go," often without much explanation of why. But if you’ve never been on a retreat, how can you tell if you’re ready for that experience?

Here are four questions to help you decide if now's the time to do it.

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