How to Tell If You're Ready for a Meditation Retreat

If you've been meditating for even a short time, you've probably heard whisperings about meditation retreats. Anyone who's been on one will tell you, "Just go," often without much explanation of why. But if you’ve never been on a retreat, how can you tell if you’re ready for that experience?

Here are four questions to help you decide if now's the time to do it.

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How Meditation Does (and Doesn't) Help You Deal With The Crazy

At some point, we've all probably realized that it's just not possible to outrun the tough stuff in life. What if, instead, you knew that you had inside yourself exactly what you needed to meet any situation you found yourself in?

That tantalizing question is exactly why meditation - and mindfulness - have been getting so much attention in the past few years. Here’s our take on how it does and doesn’t help you face those challenges.

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